Mirror celebrity face

Our lovely students were asked to draw other sides of faces of a famous singer. You can see results in the photos. :)

  Spooky Halloween crafts

Do you like ghosts? We do! :)

Let´s experiment with balloons!

Light and shadow

In science class we were observing different shapes created by the sunlight. Later, we were drawing with light and shadow :)

Cloud in a jar

Wow! It´s cloudy! And now rainy! We have created a cloud! :)   

Painting with ice cubes 

Here are the results of our amazing experiment! Painting with ice cubes was a bit challenging but we worked very well in team, sharing the materials. 

Let´s meet Astrid... and The Beatles!

Thanks to Astrid, a student from Liverpool, we had a chance to learn about England and a very good music band - The Beatles! ;)

Phonics classes with Liverpool students

We are learning new sounds! Thank you for your help! :)

Numbers and colours

Today we have started a new book of English! We also found time to play games in English (colours and numbers). We listened to words and matched them with pictures, it was fun and we practised a correct pronunciation :)
If you want to practise at home use the following link and enjoy!


This week we are participating in activities conducted by students from Liverpool. 
Natalie and Sam explained very nice stories! 
Thank you! :)

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