We love reading!

Meanwhile in our reading corner... ;) 

¨Little Red Riding Hood¨ book

This week we have created our own book based on the story we´d read. There are our illustrations and short sentences, of course in English! :)

This week we were presenting the ¨Little

Red Riding Hood¨ story using the 

puppets from the tale. 

We´ve also read parts of the story in English 

and started to 

create our own book with our own 

drawings! 😊 

You´ll see the result very soon!


In 1st we´ve started to work on a story 


¨Little Red Riding Hood¨.

Children listened to a story and with the use of Artigal´s method they were able to tell a story together with a teacher. They also had an opportunity to play a game on an iPad connected to the story. 

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