Balloon experiment

Check out our newest experiment! :)

Are you thirsty?

Try this amazing recipe for a lemonade! :)
(Sent by Max)

Zoom time

Thank you for participating in our games!

Memory game
This week we had fun playing a memory game :)

English at home

This is the way we study these days! :)

Happy Saint George's Day!

Saint George's Day is celebrated on April 23. Look what teacher Miriam prepared for you! Click here and enjoy :)

Keep calm Teach on!

In response to coronavirus lockdown our centre has decided to offer online classes to our lovely students. We really miss you but we're very happy to be able to connect with you this way! 

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Do you like our craft? :)


The Solar System
We are learning interesting facts about planets. We have created posters of the Solar System.  

Our school on TV!

Yesterday our school appeared on the news of TV Terrassa! They interview some teachrs and students from our school about the European Project "PREDYS".
Our Predys project includes 6 different European countries in which Escola Sant Josep is the coordinator! The projects pretends to create a set of material for teachers, families and students at the risk of dyslexia! Do you want to watch the new? Click on the link below!


Happy St. Valentine´s Day!

We´ve created heart-shaped bookmarks! :)

Let´s practise writing!

We enjoy learning new things! We´re happy to use phonics to learn to write and pronounce words correctly :)

Dancing raisins

What will happen if we mix raisins with sparkling water?

Christmas concert

Today we had a pleasure to participate in a concert with Branston Junior Academy from England and 9th Primary School from Poland. It was great to see our international friends and sing Christmas songs together! Merry Christmas everyone!

9 Months 9 Causes

This month in Sant Josep School we are working on a very important topic which is related to Child poverty in the world. Last months we spoke about plastic and recycling so in December we have decided to create a toy using cheap and recyclable materials. 
Our students are very creative and they work well in groups! :)


Memory game

Learning through play! Let´s practise the vocabulary from unit 2 :)

This is my pet

We have learnt to talk about pets so this week we present our pets to the classmates :)

Halloween crafts

We have created spooky spiders... ssssscarry!!!! ;)

Uncoding a secret message

Our science project is misterious... ;)

Learning with iPads

That´s the way we practise a new vocabulary! :)

Phonics and storytelling

This weeks we are participating in activities prepared by students from Liverpool. We are learning about phonics (a proper pronunciation), England, and we listen to some nice stories read in English. We are enjoying a lot! :)

Disappearing letters

This week we had our first science class! We have started a magical experiment... What will happen next week? We can´t wait to find out! :)

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