Invisible ink experiment

Artigal´s method - ¨Monster¨ 

We can´t wait to present you our story about a Monster! It´s scaryyyy!

Painting with salt and glue

Is it magic? What happens if we mix glue with salt and paint?

Colours run

Today P5 has enjoyed the sunny weather: a bit of running and playing with colours :) 

Happy Father´s Day!

We have prepared a little surprise for you!

Saint Patrick´s Day

We have listened to a story about Saint Patrick´s Day and we have danced a typical Irish dance! We had a lot of fun! :)

We love experiments in P3!

We´re playing with colours

 ¨Walking Water¨ experiment

Walking Water experiment in P4

So many colours! :)

Let´s mix the colours and see what happens!

Happy Saint Valentine´s Day!


Lately we've been learning vocabulary about Savannah in P5. It was so fun!

Hem estat aprenent vocabulari sobre la Sabana a P5. Ha estat molt divertit!

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