Walking water

Let´s play with colours! In P4 we are practising naming the colours ;)



Coins experiments

Oh, look! The coins are changing colours! 
How many drops of water can you fit on a coin? 
Experimenting in P5... :)


Halloween is coming!

In P5 we´ve created Jack O´Lantern!

Ooey gooeys oily experiment

What will happen if we mix some oil with colours? Amazing drops in P4!

Salt painting

In P5 we have experimented with watercolours and salt... The effect was incredible!

Mixing colours

A new experiment in P3 - mixing colours, the results were surprising! :)

Let´s play memory!

In P4 we are learning colours in English, learning by playing!

Look at our lemon volcano! :)

Let´s experiment in P3!

What will happen if we mix water with oil and some colour...?

Sink or float?

Let´s experiment in P5! :)

Let´s experiment!

This week we had our first science class in P4! We did a new experiment... Different textures, different sounds... isn´t it interesting? :)


This week we are participating in activities conducted by students from Liverpool. Natalie read a story to us! :)

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