Let's play with the past!

Thank you for participating in our speaking games! 

Happy Saint George's Day!

Saint George's Day is celebrated on April 23.  Saint George is the patron saint of Catalonia as well as of England. This popular festival combines culture and romanticism. 

Click here to see a short story:

And here to listen to a song:

Enjoy! :)

Keep calm Teach on!

In response to coronavirus lockdown our centre has decided to offer online classes to our lovely students. We really miss you but we're very happy to be able to connect with you this way! 

Our school on TV!

Yesterday our school appeared on the news of TV Terrassa! They interview some teachrs and students from our school about the European Project "PREDYS".
Our Predys project includes 6 different European countries in which Escola Sant Josep is the coordinator! The projects pretends to create a set of material for teachers, families and students at the risk of dyslexia! Do you want to watch the new? Click on the link below!


Happy Valentine's Day!

In 5th we played a Valentine's mystery game. We have solved the clues to work out who found the missing chocolates on Valentine's Day. Congratulations to the best detectives!

Carnival is coming!

Next week we will celebrate Carnival in Sant Josep school!

But the week before Carnival, we have some rules we have to follow at the school:

On Monday: Everybody with sthg funny on our heads!
On Tuesday: Everybody with painted faces!
On Wednesday: Everyone wearing a pyjama!
On Thrusday: Everybody with an overall!
On Friday: Let's enjoy Carnival!!

Are you ready for the crazy week???

Writing Journal in class

This semester, 5th graders are working on the writing journal!

Every week one student has to take the journal home and write a short composition about something important in his/her life. The journal is in the class so everyone can read the adventures of the rest of the people!

Coming back to school

After the Christmas holidays we are again at school!
In 5th class we are very happy because after 3 weeks of holidays, the first day of class, when we entered into the class, we had presents for the students!
The presents we received are: A BoardGame called "A Ieti in my Spaguetti" and an air freshener for the class!

Aleix Abella, Joel Arnau and Cristian

Christmas videos

This week, 5th graders have sent some amazing christmas videos to our friends from Branston Junior Academy and from Elblag (Poland)! Do you want to see some of them?

9 months, 9 causes

This month in Sant Josep school we have started a new and important project: "9 months, 9 causes".
During the year, students will work on 9 different topic projects related to environment, human rights and animals. This week of October, the topic is "Plastic sea". Since the 14th of October, plastics and iron paper will not be allowded in the school! So that shows the importance of recycling and not polluting!

Figure Me Out

Do the math and find out things about your classmates! 

Our godchildren

This month, 5th students we have created the birthday crowns for our godchildren in P4! Each student we have a golchildren and we will do some meetings with them during the year. 
This year we have new matches, but we are very happy!!

The food traffic light

This week, in the class of 5th we have started the new CLIL project about FOOD.
To start, we did a very interesting activity: We created three different circles in group: green, yellow and red. In each circle, we write different kind of food:
In the green we put the food it is good for us to eat.
In the yellow we put the food it is good to eat but just sometimes.
In the red circle we put all food it is not good for our health.

Three objects at school

Today is a very special day in our class. Today 5th graders have to bring at school three important objects for them that they will show to the rest of the partners.
We also have brought ours!
Aleix has three objects: A bottle of water, an energetic bar and his headphones!
Joan Josep has got a marker, a nintendo switch game and a superthing!
What do you think?

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