Happy St. Valentine´s Day!

Today we have played a Valentine´s mystery game... The teams had to uncover the sweet-tooth thief of Valentine's chocolates. We are great detectives! 

Why do we need plants?

We love using critical thinking in CLIL classes. Our students created posters showing different uses of plants.

9 Months 9 Causes

This month in Sant Josep School we are working on a very important topic which is related to Child poverty in the world. Last months we spoke about plastic and recycling so in December we have decided to create a toy (a Christmas gift) using cheap and recyclable materials. 
Our students are very creative! :)


Super Secret Book

In 3rd we have started a new project about reading, called ¨Super Secret Book¨.

Every week, we will ask pupils from 3rd grade to choose one mystery book from our special display. 

The pupils will take a book home where they can unwrap the surprise together with a parent and get lost in the book. 

Each book will have some exercises inside (questions related to the story). The copies with exercises can be filled and decorated by children.
The books, however, should be returned after one week in a perfect condition, like before lending it.  

We are sure that we will have fun discovering the secret and reading! So shhhh... don´t spill the beans!

Our Monsters

We are learning about parts of animals. We have created our own, unique monsters and described them in English! We explained to our classmates how our monsters look like using the new vocabulary! :) 




Halloween crafts

We have created some spooky pumpkins, spiders and ghosts... scary? :)


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We have learnt a new song in CLIL! We remember the lyrics and sing well! ;)

If you want to practise at home, here you can find a link: 

CLIL Surprise

We have finished a project of Speaking Calendar of September so we played Kahoot to celebrate and have some fun while learning :)

Let´s meet Astrid... and The Beatles!

Thanks to Astrid, a student from Liverpool, we had a chance to learn about England and a very good music band from Liverpool - The Beatles!
We were also very curious about hobbies of other students who came to visit us, we spoke about sports, football and more... ;) 
Thank you!!!


Yesterday we listened to a story read by Ben, a student from Liverpool. 
It was really entertaining! :)

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