Black and white comic

This week we have done a veryinteresting activity that we want to share with you! We created a black and white comic filling with a conversation between two police officers! Later, the coloured the pictures of the comic and we shared them with our classmates! They were very different and funny!

9 months, 9 causes

This month in Sant Josep school we have started a new and important project: "9 months, 9 causes".
During the year, students will work on 9 different topic projects related to environment, human rights and animals. This week of October, the topic is "Plastic sea". Since the 14th of October, plastics and iron paper will not be allowded in the school! So that shows the importance of recycling and not polluting!

A passport to Europe!

This week 6th level did  an activity about creating a passport. It was in the session of CLIL of our project called “A passport to Europe!  The activity consists on doing challenges in different countries. When we do it, we will get a stamp. The first challenge was a Kahoot competition!  We will see what will be the first country. 


This week in 6th class we have decided the musical that we will represent at the end of this year!
All the money saved from the theatre will be used for the English camp!
The first selected musicals were:
- High School musical
- The lion king
- Aladdin
- Teen beach movie
- Mary Poppins
- Mamma Mia

And we chose "High school musical".

Kross project visit

This week we had an important visit in our school!
Some teachers and Road Safety trainers from other counties have came to meet with our English teachers and to see our school! They came form Greece, Ireland, Poland and Austria!
The project is names Erasmus+ (Kross):Knigths  for Road Safety (Vial Education) and the objective is to work and prevent traffic accidents.

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