Christmas cards We wish you a Merry Christmas!
This is the way we learn regular verbs!
6th graders are recording their Christmas tutorials for their peers in England.
Christmas project This year our 6th graders are preparing a special Christmas project! They are going to prepare a tutorial of a Christmas craft and send it to their peers in England! :) We cannot wait for the results!
Halloween is here! This week we are studying online, talking about Halloween traditions and playing games!
European countries 6th students have started their oral expositions about the European countries. Everyone has to explain things about one country (capital, location, flag, culture, etc.).
Harry Potter This week the students of 6th grade are watching a famous film of Harry Potter. A bit of magic in our English classes! :)
Which country is it? This week in the English classes we are learning to name the European countries and the capitals.
We also study irregular verbs. The irregular verbs are verbs which don't finish with -ed.

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