Special guests came to our class! Four Liverpool students stayed at our school for three weeks helping us to improve our skills through fun activities. We learnt a lot about their traditions, dances and hobbies. Thanks a lot!!
We use iPads for improving our skills.
Happy Easter!
1st graders played Kahoot to practise vocabulary. They had a lot of fun!
Happy Saint Patrick´s Day! 1st graders learnt about Irish traditions :) and they even met a special guest!
Do you like cheese? Yes, I do! 1st graders spoke about the food they like and dislike.
Revision with Kahoot. Very challenging! :)
Happy Saint Valentine´s Day!
We are working on a story about a Little Bear. We use the Artigal´s method which helps children to participate actively in the storytelling.
We have created family puppets and learnt to sing a song! :)
1st graders are working on their writing skills. Great job!
We have watched the story of the Gingerbread Man. He helps us to learn the body parts :)
Happy Halloween!
We have started to use a Milton platform to improve our listening and reading skills in English.
Let's play cards... in English! :)
First weeks at school - time to refresh our memory ;)

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