Spring is here so we enjoy playing English games outdoors!
1st graders playing a game “guess who” - reading description of their peers.
Teacher, what can I do now? How about reading a book? In English, of course! :)
Happy Saint Patrick´s Day!
Storytelling, we love it!
Time for revision! We played bingo to refresh our memory ;)
Children who finish the tasks before can come to our corner to play vocabulary games as a reward :)
Merry Christmas! This year our pupils participated in an amazing activity! We sang Christmas songs with our peers from France! Great experience thanks to our international, Erasmus+ projects!
We have created lapbooks about our families! So colourful!
1st graders presented the photos of their families using new vocabulary and simple adjectives. :) Thank you!
Puppets almost ready for singing the song of the Family!
Happy Halloween!
Autumn leaves are falling down, all around! Every term we learn a poem in English, do you like it? :)
Storytelling time - we love the Artigal method.
Why do leaves change colours? We learn a poem of autumn!
Once a week we use iPads to learn new vocabulary.
These weeks we are playing revision games in order to refresh a bit our memory ;)
Children of 1st grade are learning to use special apps for learning English.

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