In CLIL 1st graders are creating lapbooks about Family. They are almost finished! :)
I like cheese! :) I don´t like peas! :( 1st graders are learning new vocabulary!
Saint Valentine´s Day is coming and we love it! Origami heart bookmarks are ready for the loved ones :)
We have created puppets and learnt to sing the Finger Family song. Do you like it?
Wow! When we speak English and participate in the class we receive stars and then a gift. Congratulations to our wonderful students!
We have listened to a story to learn about different families and then we created our Monster family!
We are learning new vocabulary through games :)
Christmas poem It is winter It is cold Santa Claus is very old But he´s always full of joy Glad to give me a nice toy!
British children from the Branston Junior Academy watched our children singing Christmas songs in English! They enjoyed a lot! :) And so did we watching their videos!
Merry Christmas! Our 1st grade students created beautiful Christmas cards! :)
Christmas is coming! We have recorded 1st graders singing Christmas carols, the videos will be sent in December to schools in Poland and England (for our international project) :)
5 senses In CLIL we have discovered our senses through experiments: I smell with my nose. I touch with my hands. I hear with my ears. I see with my eyes. I taste with my mouth.
The Gingerbread Man This week we watched a story of the "Gingerbread Man". Do you like our drawings? :)
Body parts We have started a new topic this week. We are learning to name the parts of the body!
"Autumn Leaves" Autumn leaves are falling down To the ground All around! Red, yellow, orange, brown Autumn leaves are falling down
Halloween crafts Our Halloween puppets are ready! Are they scary? ;)
Halloween games We are learning the Halloween vocabulary :)
Handwriting activities In 1st we also focus on hand-writing.
Kahoot time! We love learning through play! :)
It is autumn time! In 1st we are learning a poem!
It's Friday - a fun day! Today we had fun practising the vocabulary with the use of ipads.
Bingo time! Today we had a lot of fun playing bingo. :)

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