Special guests came to our class! Four Liverpool students stayed at our school for three weeks helping us to improve our skills through fun activities. We learnt a lot about their traditions, dances and hobbies. Thanks a lot!!
What´s the matter? We are learning to express how we are feeling.
Happy Easter!
2nd graders prepared an oral exposition about things we can/can´t do at school. Great job!
Happy Saint Patrick´s Day!
We have used quizlet to practise our writing skills.
Seasons of the year. We listened to classical music to look for inspiration...
Carnival time! 2nd graders learnt about different costumes and traditions in the UK.
Revision with Kahoot. Who's going to win?
Happy Saint Valentine´s Day!
We use new technologies for improving our skills. Working on Unit 3 through apps.
2nd graders are learning about seasons of the year and weather. We did an experiment to see what can happen when it is cloudy...
What season is it? Let´s guess!
Let's stretch out and practise the numbers in English!
2nd graders explained a bit about their Christmas presents.
2nd graders created pet puppets! :)
Is it a kitten? Yes, it is!
This is our house! We are architects! Oral exposition of the parts of the house.
We are learning a new song! Do you recognize it?
Happy Halloween!
2nd graders played games to refresh the vocabulary.

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