2nd graders listened to a story ¨Stay Wild, My Child¨, then we talked about it and painted the fragments we liked the most!
We use Artigal´s method for storytelling, it´s a lot of fun!
Happy Saint Patrick´s Day!
Kahoot time!
What should we wear in spring? And in winter? Learning situation using the vocabulary of Unit 3.
Happy Saint Valentine´s Day! 2nd graders wrote what is the most important for them!
Playing games to refresh our memory of vocabulary ;)
Merry Christmas! This year our pupils participated in an amazing activity! We sang Christmas songs with our peers from France! Great experience thanks to our international, Erasmus+ projects!
2nd graders prepared and presented the list of school rules!
That´s the way we learn poems! ;)
Speaking activities are an important part of our classes.
2nd graders using books with vocabulary to play online games.
Happy Halloween!
What is it? Every week we play fun English games!
We have played a kahoot game to review the grammar and vocabulary of Unit 1.

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