Our students are creating their own memory cards about “break time”.
This is the way we learn through play.
We are learning phonics!
My Daddy is a Giant! Our students listened with attention to Carla - our intern teacher explaining a story in English. Thank you, Carla! :)
British children from the Branston Junior Academy watched our children singing Christmas songs in English! They enjoyed a lot! And so did we watching their songs and poems :)
Christmas is coming! We have recorded 2nd graders singing Christmas carols, the videos will be sent in December to schools in Poland and England (for our international project) :)
Take a look at the final result of our CLIL project! Clothes, seasons and body parts all together, we love learning through play!
This week we have learnt the story of “The Rainbow Fish” with the students of 2nd. Today they have drawn their own fish.
CLIL 2nd grade students had fun using new technologies to work on their CLIL topic about clothes.
Halloween poem In 2nd we have read a Halloween poem.
Halloween crafts We have made pumpkin keychains :)
This week 2nd grade students are working on the prepositions of place. They have also listened to a song so as to memorize the prepositions.
“Mr. Bingo” has visited the 2nd students today. Friday is the funday at school and they already know that!
Let´s create a calendar! :)

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