Special guests came to our class! Four Liverpool students stayed at our school for three weeks helping us to improve our skills through fun activities. We learnt a lot about their traditions, dances and hobbies. We explained to them about our town, school and our culture. Thanks a lot!!
6th graders prepared expositions about world’s activists.
The students did a running dictation for practising past sentences.
Happy Saint Patrick´s Day!
6th graders have done the projects presentations for all the primary courses. We work a lot with schools from abroad!
6th graders are preparing a presentation of our Erasmus projects in order to explain them to their peers from other classes.
Today 6th graders have done a poem called “We never thank the sun” about thankfulness and have exchanged it with another classmate to celebrate St Valentine’s Day.
6th graders preparing a mural with all the comics they did last week - creative writing time.
Time to prepare ourselves for the English test with the use of the quizziz application.
Creative Writing time! The pupils are preparing their own comics.
6th graders working on the song “heat waves” to improve their listening and knowing the meaning of the words and expressions as well. Friday Funday!
6th graders working extra hard to prepare their competencies.
6th graders doing oral expositions about European countries.
Unit 2 Review through Quizziz and Ipads.
Happy Halloween
6th graders are learning a very popular song in English (The Scientist by Coldplay). They fill out the lyrics of the song of this month and work on the words categories, sentences and meaning of the words.
We are back! :) This year we continue using Milton platform to improve our skills.

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