Special guests came to our class! Four Liverpool students stayed at our school for three weeks helping us to improve our skills through fun activities. We learnt a lot about their traditions, dances and hobbies. Thanks a lot!!
We did a competition of regular and irregular verbs.
Happy Easter!
5th graders doing their first TED TALKS. They were Emma Watson and Greta Thumbergs. The topics were feminism and climate change. The students created a QR code so everyone at school could scan them to check what interesting facts they presented! Great job!
Past present and future. Working grammar structures in speaking with 5th graders. I was born… When I grow up I would like to be…
5th graders prepared experiments in science class, amazing results!
Happy Valentine's Day!
5th graders doing expositions about endangered animals. One of the groups did a representation with puppets for explaining what humans did to the snowleopards.
The Art of Creative Writting. This is one of our Etwinning projects that we are involved in. We are learning new skills through new technologies. This time we did a Zoom with the following countries: Romania, Turkey, Ireland and Spain (Cuenca). It was a really nice experience and we enjoyed a lot.
Have you seen our video presentation of the school? It’s in our chanel on Youtube. Some students from 5th made the presentation of it. Also, all the teachers and the pupils from school participated. This video was done for an Erasmus project that we are involved in. We are participating with the following countries: Turkey, Ireland, Romania and Spain. We will keep you informed about the evolution of the project. Students are really motivated with it.
Happy Halloween! We have prepared scarryyyy but delicious pizzas!
Running dictation with adverbs of frequency
Reading time :)
Do you know the game "Guess who?". It is a perfect game to review the vocabulary and practice asking questions.
5th graders are reviewing the hours. But… now they are the teachers. We have switched the roles and they are the miniteachers because they already know a lot! We’ll do an oral exposition too. Let’s see how it goes!:)

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