Exploring light, colour and shadow in science :)
We have created our own safari!
We are learning about animals, look at them in the zoo, amazing!
How big are the animals? Let´s find out! :)
P4 students this week are learning English from home, they are amazing! :)
Look at our amazing Valentine´s cards! :) We are artists!
Wow! In science we have discovered the hidden message! It means the Saint Valentine´s Day is coming! Yayy! :)
... in P5 we have also discovered new vocabulary from the new unit :)
In P4 we have created a monster with different body parts. We are also practising the Monster story using Artigal methodology.
How tall are you? Let´s find out!
We are learning a new topic - body parts.
P5 - English Let´s match the colours with numbers! :)
Science Our little ones love playing with ¨snow¨ ;)
We have created snowflakes!
Let´s mix different colours! The results are surprising!
We have played with colourful fruit stamps :)
Can you see the drops of different colours?
School We are learning new vocabulary :) Can you find the pairs?
Fine motor activities with leaves in science classes.
We are celebrating Halloween! :) This week we have participated in Halloween parties, we have dressed up and we danced, played games and had a lot of fun! :)
Halloween science! Take a look at our Jack-o'-lantern! He appeared in our classes! It's magic!
Halloween games Halloween is coming :) We love playing Halloween games!
Lemon volcano. Our little scientists love experiments :)
Last week we observed exploding colours in the Magic Milk Experiment!
Let's count!
What colour is it?
How's the weather? :)
Our little students have a lot of fun learning through play!
Let's learn to count in English!
What colour is it?
Let's decorate the classrooms!

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