Our little students went to a theatre to see ¨The Wolf And The Seven Little Goats¨, what a great experience!
Do you know that we do arts and crafts in English? Since we worked on vocabulary of animals, we have created special masks! :)
Magic Milk experiment.
We are learning about animals so... we visited a virtual zoo!!! Shhh! The tiger is sleeping...
Using Artigal´s Method for storytelling is fun!
Artificial snow experiment.
Happy Valentine´s Day!
Learning vocabulary of the body parts, together with our friend!
Autumn experiment in the park.
Leaves are falling down... let´s experiment!
P5 experimenting with an apple!
P3 are decorating their Halloween masks!! What it can be?
Happy Halloween!
To work the Halloween vocabulary P3 made a super funny game… “THE GHOST HUNT” are you scared?
Let´s play!
Abracadabra, what is hidden there? Learning new vocabulary through games.
What is going to happen if you try pepper? ;) and then if you mix it with milk? And then add soap? Time to discover!
During the science class P5 has experimented with different colours. Amazing!
These weeks we are playing revision games in order to refresh a bit our memory ;)

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