In May we were very lucky to host four students from Liverpool! We really enjoyed the activities they prepared for us! Thank you!
We love going to a park to play and learn! Every week a new experiment!
P4 are real artists! They created special objects for playing! Yummy! ;)
Let´s create a poster of different foods and play!
Happy Easter!
P5 students playing a game to guess the animals.
P4 students created puppets! :)
Happy Saint Patrick´s Day!
Catch the bubbles! Pop the bubbles! Science activity in a park.
Wow! Science time! What animal can that be?
What animal is it?
Let´s paint a snowman!
Carnival time!
Happy Saint Valentine´s Day! We have created unusual hearts in our science class! :)
Let's learn the body parts!
Even when the circumstances are complicated... we connect with our little students :) Storytelling time in P4.
Can you count to 20? And write the numbers? We are practicing!
Lately we have started to go out to a forest to do science activities there. The children enjoy it a lot and they can play freely discovering new things! We have created an artificial snow, amazing!
How many snowflakes are there? :)
Cloud in a jar experiment
Inspired by our last visit at a Danish preschool we have decided to do more activities outdoors. This week p3 and p4 went to a park where they could play with the leaves, sticks and look for the apples that we used for creating a volcano! It was fun!
Happy Halloween!
Sink or float? Is it big or small? Light or heavy?
Autumn leaves are falling down... In science we played with the leaves, the results were amazing!
First weeks at school - we have decorated the classrooms and played many games! :)

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