Happy Valentine's Day!
Good morning! How are you today? Are you happy? :)
Today we played a game to relate an object with an image. We had a lot of fun practising the winter vocabulary!
Christmas box! When Christmas arrives at school the children from nursery work the vocabulary with BITS and this super fantastic Christmas box. Inside it they can find lots of Christmas objects! It's super funny learning by playing!
We introduce English in nursery learning by experiences. In our school English is used in “Hello kids project”. Our method motivates students to use English naturally as another language.
It is very important to wash your hands to have an a good hygiene and prevent infections.
Friday of experimentation. We had a lot of fun playing with balloons. There were many colours and sides! 🎈
Orange, red, yellow and brown… The leaves are falling over the town! 🍁 WELCOME AUTUMN! 🤎

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