4th graders played dooble to practice the new vocabulary - jobs.
We are playing to improve the use of English vocabulary and speaking skills.
4th graders played a memory game to learn the places in town (museum, hospital, police station...).
British children from the Branston Junior Academy watched our children telling Christmas poems in English! They enjoyed a lot! :) And so did we watching their videos!
This week we watched a special video sent from our friend - Aby from Liverpool. She has answered our questions about COVID situation in England. Thank you so much!
Christmas crafts Our Christmas trees are amazing, aren´t they?
Christmas poems 4th graders created their own Christmas poems for their peers in England! We can´t wait to see the final video! :)
In 4th we are practising to write different types of sentences (affirmative, negative and questions).
Subjects bingo 4th graders are learning vocabulary in an entertaining way!
Halloween crafts We have created sssspooky ghosts! :)
Describing people We like playing games to improve our vocabulary and grammar skills!
Who is who? This week 4th graders have played games describing their classmates :)
Is it a noun or a verb? Let's learn!
What is it? Let´s practise speaking in English! :)

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