Special guests came to our class! Four Liverpool students stayed at our school for three weeks helping us to improve our skills through fun activities. We learnt a lot about their traditions, dances and hobbies. Thanks a lot!!
Happy Easter!
We had a meeting with our peers from Liverpool. A great opportunity to know each other better and practise our speaking skills!
Happy Saint Patrick´s Day!
4th graders doing a group activity on Women´s Day about differences between before and now.
Speaking time! 4th graders playing bingo to work on the grammar and vocabulary of the unit.
Happy Valentine's Day! 4th graders wrote a letter to a friend/classmate explaining what they like about them and what they are thankful for.
4th graders have showed photos of their families and talked about their family members with their classmates.
4th graders played the “telephone” game oudoors using the vocabulary from the unit. The missing students were involved as well - they participated online - they chose a word from the unit and then they started the chain… The pupils had to say the word to the following student but secretly and the last one of the row had to say it properly. They had a blast!
This week 4th graders will become actors/actresses… they are preparing their puppets for the show!
Reviewing vocabulary of physical appearance through games and new tecnhologies. This time we played “Who is who” and different games with the computers, for instance memory with cards. We had a lot of fun!
Let's rap a Christmas song!
Revision time - we have played a memory game :)
Let´s practice our speaking skills!
4th graders played a game called “Guess Who” using the drawings they had created before.
Happy Halloween!
4th graders keep on working on their listening and reading skills through Milton platform.

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