3rd students are designing their own clocks. In this CLIL unit we are learning to tell the time.
Saint Valentine´s Day is coming and we love it! 3rd students solved the St Valentine’s Day Mystery. ;)
We are learning through play. Speaking time!
Learning a new song in English!
Ho ho ho! 3rd graders are sending you virtual hugs!
Christmas is coming! We have recorded 3rd graders singing Christmas carols, the videos will be sent in December to schools in Poland and England (for our international project) :)
We enjoy learning new songs. We are filling the gaps to learn the lyrics of popular songs.
We are working on a Christmas Song - getting ready for the concert for our peers in Poland and England. :)
Guest sentence routine 3rd grade students work on their guest sentence routine.
Alphabet bingo We are learning the alphabet!
Halloween crafts We have made sssscary masks for Halloween. Do you like them? :)
Halloween poem This week the students of 3rd have worked on a poem of Halloween. They wrote it down and did some drawings.
Speaking time! Today 3rd grade students have done a presentation of themselves. They have explained to the classmates the things they like and the things they don’t like to do in their free time.
Let´s work on the months of the year! :)

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